FastComet Coupon Codes and Promotions in tháng sáu 2023

Discover significant savings discounts with FastComet coupon codes. Start saving today by utilizing a coupon and unlock the best deals available.
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15% Discount on all Cloud or Dedicated Server plans of FastComet

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Year-end Savings: 15% OFF all new Cloud VPS Plans plus Free Website Transfer. 20% OFF all new Dedicated Servers & Multiple Locations

15% VPS & Dedicated
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312 người dùng đã sử dụng phiếu thưởng này
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75% OFF on all of FastComet Services

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256 218
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A new 80% discount on Shared Hosting Just for HostAdvice users. 

• a 80% Discount on all shared hosting plans
• A Free domain transfer is included

80% OFF
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3661 người dùng đã sử dụng phiếu thưởng này
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35% OFF on all of FastComet Cloud VPS and Dedicated CPU Plans

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The promo code was created specifically for the HostAdvice audience and you get an exclusive 35% discount for Cloud VPS and Dedicated CPU Plans

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FastComet Black Friday Deals

FastComet offers its customers Black Friday coupons that will get them up to 75% off on certain hosting plans. With FastComet, the discount varies depending on the day you purchase it. Usually, if you purchase a plan on the first day of the Black Friday sale, you will get the biggest discount, which is usually 65% for shared hosting, 20% for cloud VPS and dedicated hosting, and 25% for higher-plan upgrades. These discounts apply to new customers only. However, FastComet also offers renewal discounts for its existing customers, and during its Black Friday sales, you can get 25% off on shared hosting plan renewals and 10% off on cloud VPS and dedicated hosting plan renewals.

Save Up to 75% With FastComet Coupons and Deals for July 2022

FastComet Helpful Information and Tips

  • How to use and activate FastComet coupon codes?

First, go to the FastComet website and select the plan you want by clicking on the “Get Started” icon.


Select the plan you want to buy and click on “Get Started.”


After this, you have to select your domain. You can choose to transfer an existing domain to FastComet for free or register a new domain for $9.95 for the first year. After completing this, click on the “Use this Domain” icon.


Choose either to register a new domain name or to transfer your existing one to FastComet.


On the next page, you need to fill in your account information. If you already have an account, choose the “I’m an existing customer” option. After this, you need to select the data center you want, the billing period, and add any extra features to buy if you want. Then, you need to select your payment option and fill in the relevant info.


This depicts what the account information menu looks like and what you need to fill in.


At the very bottom of the page, you will find the “Do you have any coupon code?” icon below all the account and payment info menus. There, you should click on the “Enter it here” icon to type in your promo code. After entering it, click apply.


This depicts the promo code box where you can enter the promo code you want to use.


After this, you will see your total order summary discounted for the promo code you used. Also, you can choose whether you want to receive emails from FastComet for promos and special deals. To finish, click on the “Complete Order” icon.


This depicts what your order summary will look like after entering your promo code, and you can complete your order here.


  • Is coupon stacking allowed with FastComet?

There is only one discount code box for FastComet products, meaning you cannot use more than one coupon per purchase. So, if you have more coupons you can use, you would need to buy each product separately and use one code for each product.

  • Does FastComet offer coupons to existing customers?

There are many coupons you can use to save money if you’re an existing FastComet customer. For instance, you can get 20% off on renewals and upgrades or up to 25% on all orders.

  • What to do if your FastComet promo code isn’t working?

First, check if you’ve used that particular coupon before because FastComet coupons work only once. Also, check if you’ve chosen products that are eligible for promo codes, whether the code is expired, and if you have correctly entered the code.

  • Does FastComet give you a refund if you cancel your subscription?

FastComet gives refunds on all plans if you cancel your subscription within the first 45 days. If you cancel later than that, you are not eligible for a refund.

  • How often does FastComet offer new deals and discounts?

FastComet offers a new deal or coupon every 11 days on average. It also has year-round discounts. However, compared to other providers, it offers discounts a bit less frequently.


FastComet Seasonal Sales to Look Forward To

  • Cyber Monday/Black Friday sale

With the FastComet Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, you can save up to 75% on FastComet products. These sales happen each year, and you can get up to 35% off on all orders and on selected items.

  • Public holiday sales

FastComet offers holiday sales each year. It has 4th of July sales where you can get up to 75% off and free migration, and it also has Thanksgiving sales where you can get a flat 25% off on your whole purchase and up to 15% off on specific orders. There are also Halloween sales where you can save up to 70%. Additionally, FastComet offers April Fools Day and Easter coupons where you can save up to 70% and free migration.

  • Seasonal sales

FastComet offers seasonal sales as well. Its most popular seasonal sale is its summer sale, where you can get up to 75% off on Shared hosting, up to 35% off on Cloud VPS hosting, and 35% off on Dedicated CPU servers.


FastComet Custom Discounts Info

  • Student Discount

FastComet offers a special student discount where you can get up to 60% off on all orders. Students can also take advantage of the additional 25% off coupon and deals that can save them up to 35% on all orders.

  • Sign up offer

FastComet offers sign-up discounts to new users that are valid only for the initial billing period. You can get up to 75% off on web hosting plans and a free migration if you choose to sign up with FastComet. Also, you can get a flat 30% off on your first order and up to 25% off on all orders.

  • Military discount

FastComet offers special military discounts, where military members can use different FastComet coupons to get up to 35% off with the Military Plan offer, up to 45% off on all FastComet orders, and 5% off on an entire purchase.

  • Sale section

FastComet doesn’t have a dedicated sales section. However, they make all their available deals easy to find by having a banner at the top of their website. Upon clicking on the banner, you are redirected to a page where you can see their deals and promos in detail.

  • Cashback

FastComet does not offer a particular cashback program, but it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, and all plans are subject to refunds within that period.

  • Business discounts

There are Back to Business FastComet promos where you can get 20% off on all Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Server plans. You also get free migration, SSD web disk, etc.

  • Rewards program

Currently, there is no rewards program that you can join for FastComet. However, there are a lot of ways you can save, and you can sign up for the FastComet newsletter to get email notifications for all new discount codes, promos, and deals.

  • Promo codes for first orders

There are many FastComet deals and coupons for new users and first orders, and you can save a lot of money. For instance, you can find a FastComet coupon and get 30% off on your first order.

  • Promo codes for returning customers

You can save up to 50% on your purchases with FastComet deals for existing users. Additionally, you save an additional 20% on your purchase. There is also a FastComet coupon for 15% off on your order. Also, FastComet has a BOGO sale of a flat 50% off for existing customers.

  • Upgrade discounts

FastComet offers coupons and deals for users that want to upgrade their services. You can take advantage of these coupons and save up to 80% on all orders.


FastComet Quick Rundown

FastComet is perfect for users that are looking for shared hosting or cloud hosting at reasonable prices. It also offers excellent 24/7 customer service and can satisfy the needs of businesses of all sizes. FastComet has data centers worldwide and offers excellent features to its users. If you want to learn more about FastComet, you can check out our expert review to see whether this is the provider for you.

Read our full FastComet Review here >> cung cấp các đánh giá web hosting chuyên nghiệp và hoàn toàn độc lập với bất kỳ đơn vị nào. Các đánh giá của chúng tôi không thiên vị, chân thực và áp dụng những tiêu chuẩn đánh giá chung cho mọi đối tượng.

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