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Temok is one of the leading Web Hosting service providers since 2014, and we sincerely believe in customer satisfaction. We always provide the best-in-class managed hosting services and that too within reasonable cost. At Temok, we are focusing mainly on server uptime, and customer dedication, so that our customer never gets the opportunity to complain about our services. We ar...
Gói cước
  • Hosting chia sẻ 0,50 US$ - 7,65 US$
  • VPS 10,00 US$ - 319,17 US$
  • Máy chủ dùng riêng (Dedicated Server) 40,00 US$ - 800,00 US$
  • nhà bán lẻ 0,00 US$ - 50,00 US$
  • SSL 0,00 US$ - 1.099,00 US$
Servers locations
  • Tampa
  • Kansas City
  • Buffalo
  • Dallas
  • Amsterdam
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