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Các đánh giá và ý kiến chuyên gia về STRATO

Phạm vi định giá

Hosting chia sẻ 4,19 US$ - 19,23 US$
VPS 9,66 US$ - 42,88 US$
Máy chủ dùng riêng (Dedicated Server) 41,91 US$ - 348,16 US$

Data Centers

Anna Janston

Đánh giá được ghim

Anna Janston,
I wanted to start my own blog so I got an account created with STRATO. I couldn't figure out how to make it all work and get my site started because it seemed to confusing. I contacted their technic...Đọc thêmal support and they basically did everything for me. I was really happy that they got me up and running so quickly. I've been with them almost a year now and haven't had any further issues.Thu gọn
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bernd boehm
bernd boehm từ Đức,

Sehr fragwürdige, wenn nicht gar illegale, Geschäftsgebahren

Wegen kurzfristiger 60% Preiserhöhung habe ich online einen Downgrade meines Pakets von Domains und Hostingspace durchgeführt und eine Mail mit (letztlich unvollständiger) Vertragszusammenfassung erhalten. Kurz vor Umstellung beim...Đọc thêm Kundenservice nachgefragt, wurde mir gesagt, dass diese Mail keine Bestätigung für ein Downgrade sei und mein alter Vertrag somit nicht gekündigt sei.

Ich hatte Berichte über Probleme mit Providerwechsel für Domains von anderen ehemaligen Stratokunden gehört und deshalb auf Basic Mail - nur meine Domain, ohne Hostingspace downgegraded.

Ich kann mich entsinnen - leider aber nicht nachweisen, dass nach meinem online durchgeführten Downgrade mein Vertrag auch als gekündigt zum richtigen Termin markiert war. Diese Markierung ist jetzt allerdings verschwunden.

Jetzt sieht es aus, als könnte Strato mich mit meiner Domain, deren ungestörte Funktion für meinen Mailverkehr nötig ist, dazu erpressen, für ein weiteres Jahr die erhöhten Preise zu bezahlen.....
Thu gọn
Rafael Ruiz Aljaro
Rafael Ruiz Aljaro từ Tây Ban Nha,


STRATO lo que no he podido ver nunca. Cuando das todos tus datos te envían un correo dándote un número como que ya estás registrado. Eso lo realicé un sábado, viendo que no me daban el alta el lunes me pongo en contacto con ellos ...Đọc thêmvía correo electrónico y me dicen que les tengo que enviar el DNI, se lo envío en el mismo momento y siguen lo mismo, vuelvo a enviar un correo electrónico al día siguiente y me dicen que el DNI no lo pueden ver, que se lo envie nuevamente, todo esto sin avisarme ellos, soy yo el que me pongo en contacto con ellos. Día siguiente, idem de lo mismo, acudo a una amiga que tiene la página con ellos para ver si ella se lo puede explicar. Mi amiga les manda un correo electrónico y la llaman (no tienen número de teléfono, pero si ya eres cliente y les envías un correo,te llaman cuando les da la gana) cuando la llaman le dicen que todo es correcto, que espere que me llegue el número para poder entrar en la misma. Espero unos días y nada, vuelvo a enviarles otro correo electrónico, y esta es su respuesta; - No nos consta ningún dato suyo, tiene que volver a solicitarla... jajajaja... ¡¡¡ Amigos/as así es STRATO!!!Thu gọn
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez từ Tây Ban Nha,

Mafia-like business practice

Terrible experience. Without prior notice, and before the end of the period that I had contracted, they automatically renewed the package that I had contracted for another year. When I noticed the charge in my account and canceled...Đọc thêm all my products with them, I returned the charge and they began to send me letters to my home threatening to take me to court for € 14.92 whose services I had already resigned !! Then more letters came threatening to use a collection company (which, indeed, he wrote to me). BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THEM. THEY USE BAD COMMERCIAL PRACTICES, ALMOST MAFIA-LIKEThu gọn
Tomas Tiefenbach
Tomas Tiefenbach từ Slovakia,

Avoid scam

Terrible customer service, no phone support, no live online support and once you sign up you are not able to cancel those services! They just keep sending you new invoices no matter you canceled services. If you don't pay them, th...Đọc thêmey pass it to 3rd party services that are again not responding but charge ridiculous fees for sending you an email. Avoid this scam site!Thu gọn
Thijs Nederlof
Thijs Nederlof từ Tây Ban Nha,

Hidden 1 month notice

First of all, I am a Computer Science student so I don't have need of extensive support. I have already rented many servers from many different hosting companies.

Now on Strato: excellent uptime, good performance, kind of cheap...Đọc thêm enough. However, they are so misleading. I took a monthly contract that I cancelled this month. However, they want me to pay for next month as well! They have some vague reference to paying a month in advance, which they "translate" to "you have to pay for an extra month after you cancel well in advance".

What a crooked way to make money, misleading your customers like this. If you rent a server here, make sure you use some prepaid way of paying and don't fill in your real address or real name in case they want to make you pay extra for some of their mafia practices. I thought we were done with difficult to cancel subscriptions...
Thu gọn

Giá thành, Gói cước & Tính năng STRATO- 2023

Các gói cước Hosting chia sẻ

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ Băng thông Bảng điều khiển Số lượng trang web Giá Điểm
PowerWeb Starter 15 GB Không giới hạn Không giới hạn 4,19 US$ 1.6 Chi tiết
PowerWeb Basic 60 GB Không giới hạn Không giới hạn 7,41 US$ 1.4 Chi tiết
PowerWeb Plus 120 GB Không giới hạn Không giới hạn 10,64 US$ 1.3 Chi tiết
PowerWeb pro 200 GB Không giới hạn Không giới hạn 19,23 US$ 1.3 Chi tiết

Các gói VPS Hosting

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ CPU RAM Hệ điều hành Giá Điểm
V-Server Linux Level 1 200 GB 2 Nhân 4 GB 9,66 US$ 2.0 Chi tiết
V-Server Linux Level 2 400 GB 4 Nhân 8 GB 16,01 US$ 1.3 Chi tiết
V-Server Linux Level 3 600 GB 8 Nhân 16 GB 26,76 US$ 1.4 Chi tiết
V-Server Linux Level 4 800 GB 16 Nhân 32 GB 42,88 US$ 1.0 Chi tiết

Gói cước máy chủ chuyên dụng

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ CPU RAM Hệ điều hành Giá Điểm
Basic Linux Level 2 1.95 TB 4 x 2.70GHz 8 GB 41,91 US$ 1.2 Chi tiết
Pro Linux Level 4 3.91 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 16 GB 74,15 US$ 1.4 Chi tiết
Premium Linux Level 7 120 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 32 GB 138,62 US$ 1.6 Chi tiết
Windows Basic Level 2 1.95 TB 4 x 2.70GHz 8 GB 68,77 US$ 1.0 Chi tiết
Windows Pro Level 5 3.91 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 32 GB 111,75 US$ 1.4 Chi tiết
Windows Premium Level 9 3.91 TB 12 x 2.00GHz 128 GB 348,16 US$ 1.4 Chi tiết

Tìm thêm các công ty cung cấp dịch vụ Hosting tương tự

  • 4
    Hoàn lại tiền 30 Ngày
    Đánh giá của chuyên gia
    Starting Price
    2,50 US$ / mo
    68 Gói Hosting
    5 Data Centers
    Over 400 Apps are available for 1-click installs
    High-performance SSD storage and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    24/7 Available Epic Support
    Xem trang web
  • 0
    Hoàn lại tiền 30 Ngày
    Đánh giá của chuyên gia
    Starting Price
    0,90 US$ / mo
    21 Gói Hosting
    1 Data Centers
    Up to 80 GB Disk Space,16 TB Bandwidth
    Offer One Of The Cheapest Prices On The Market
    24/7 Customer Support Service
    Xem trang web
  • 3
    Hoàn lại tiền Bất cứ lúc nào
    Tên miền miễn phí
    Starting Price
    4,99 US$ / mo
    37 Gói Hosting
    4 Data Centers
    Enterprise-Level Solutions with Personal-Level Support
    Fully-Redundant Servers with 2N Redundancy Standards and T1 Carriers
    Award-Winning Web Hosting services suitable for Personal and Business use
    Xem trang web
  • 10
    Verpex Hosting
    Hoàn lại tiền 60 Ngày
    Tên miền miễn phí
    Starting Price
    0,50 US$ / mo
    18 Gói Hosting
    11 Data Centers
    SSD Cloud Servers With 99.9% Uptime
    Free Migrations, SSL and Daily Backups
    24/7 Tech Support by Hosting Experts
    Xem trang web

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