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Các đánh giá và ý kiến chuyên gia về HostMantis

Phạm vi định giá

Hosting chia sẻ 2,29 US$ - 7,49 US$
VPS 14,95 US$ - 49,95 US$

Data Centers

Giải thưởng của HostMantis

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
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Dịch vụ được sử dụng
Drew H
Drew H từ Úc,

poor service

i have been with them for 10days
slow replys to ticket
over all service is crud
I run a gaming forums
sent out one email bulk got blocked no 2nd chances
so here is my review as i lost $10 and you gained a review
And what this client fails to mention in this "review" is that their account was suspended for spam/bulk email and this is nothing more than retaliation.
Avinash P
Avinash P từ Ấn Độ,

Powerful server with great discounts

I purchased at hostmantis just to test it after finding a great deal. The server performance is great and i opened a ticket for a personal issue which was also solved within 1 hr. Till now everything is great and i am planning to ...Đọc thêmmigrate my other clients to this provider after testing the server reliability for few more months.Thu gọn
GAO HANJIE từ Singapore,

Best web hosting ever

I used to use Hawkhost last year. It was stable but the speed was very slow to my Chinese visitors.
Now I get HostMantis. They offer unbelievably amazing 80% discount coupons.
The price is low, the speed is super fast to my Chin...Đọc thêmese visitors and it is also very stable.
The most impressing thing is that their support is always with you when you submit a ticket.
As I used to request to change the data center location, I submitted a ticket and they answered me and made everything done in just 5 minutes!
Really impressing perfect hosting. Thank you.
Thu gọn
John Von Camp
John Von Camp từ Hoa Kỳ,

Horrible "service"

They do not keep track of which sites they host and provide barebones support for hosting questions. I guess their customer support people don't have any training. You get what you pay for -- don't pay for this! Go elsewhere if yo...Đọc thêmu need a reliable service and the knowledge of a technical support team is important to you. Very disappointing to have to deal with finding another provider for my business site.Thu gọn
We could not find a "John Von Camp" in our client database and you provided no domain name for us to verify, so thanks for your "review".
mohd fardly
mohd fardly từ Malaysia,


Please take note, dont take hostmantis as your reseller or hosting provider, this scam company just suddenly lock your account with reason high resources, 3 to 5 times my client website has been block as before i never has this kind of problem. I currently as a reseller until march 2018.
mohd fardly
mohd fardly,
After this comment hostmantis has been suspended my account which is not abuse and all my client account.
Your clients account was abusing CPU and after several warnings and suspensions, we had no choice but to permanently suspend the clients account. You absolutely refuse to accept the fact the account was abusing resources and just ...Đọc thêmwanted us to overlook the issue and reactivate the account. This review is nothing more than retaliation.Thu gọn

Giá thành, Gói cước & Tính năng HostMantis- 2023

Các gói cước Hosting chia sẻ

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ Băng thông Bảng điều khiển Số lượng trang web Giá Điểm
Entry 2 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 2,29 US$ 2.2 Chi tiết
Starter 5 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 3,49 US$ 1.7 Chi tiết
Advanced 10 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 5,49 US$ 3.8 Chi tiết
Expert 25 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 7,49 US$ 5.0 Chi tiết

Các gói VPS Hosting

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ CPU RAM Hệ điều hành Giá Điểm
Entry 25 GB 1 x 2.26GHz 1 GB 14,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết
Starter 50 GB 2 x 2.66GHz 2 GB 19,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết
Advanced 75 GB 3 x 2.26GHz 4 GB 29,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết
Expert 100 GB 2 x 2.26GHz 6 GB 49,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết

Tìm thêm các công ty cung cấp dịch vụ Hosting tương tự

  • 0
    Hoàn lại tiền 30 Ngày
    Đánh giá của chuyên gia
    Starting Price
    0,90 US$ / mo
    21 Gói Hosting
    1 Data Centers
    Up to 80 GB Disk Space,16 TB Bandwidth
    Offer One Of The Cheapest Prices On The Market
    24/7 Customer Support Service
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  • 7
    A2 Hosting
    Hoàn lại tiền Bất cứ lúc nào
    Đánh giá của chuyên gia
    Starting Price
    2,99 US$ / mo
    62 Gói Hosting
    8 Data Centers
    Turbo Servers with up to 20x faster Page Loads
    Award-Winning and Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting solutions that offer blazing fast performance
    Guru Crew Support, Free Account Migration, A2 Site Builder, and a point-and-click CMS installer
    Xem trang web
  • 24
    Hoàn lại tiền 30 Ngày
    Đánh giá của chuyên gia
    Starting Price
    10,00 US$ / mo
    42 Gói Hosting
    25 Data Centers
    SSD, Pre-Configured PHP-FPM, HTTP/2 Supported Servers
    Auto-Healing VPS Servers Without Website Crashing
    Pay As You Go Billing
    Xem trang web
  • 10
    Verpex Hosting
    Hoàn lại tiền 60 Ngày
    Tên miền miễn phí
    Starting Price
    0,50 US$ / mo
    18 Gói Hosting
    11 Data Centers
    SSD Cloud Servers With 99.9% Uptime
    Free Migrations, SSL and Daily Backups
    24/7 Tech Support by Hosting Experts
    Xem trang web

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