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Các đánh giá và ý kiến chuyên gia về HostMantis

Phạm vi định giá

Hosting chia sẻ 2,29 US$ - 7,49 US$
VPS 14,95 US$ - 49,95 US$

Data Centers

Giải thưởng của HostMantis

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
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Dịch vụ được sử dụng
Hieu Bui Trung

Continuously increasing service prices and bad support

Arbitrarily increasing the service price by 25% without any improvement in service quality. They also removed customer discount codes being applied on the service. Customer support is very bad. They support customers as if this wa...Đọc thêms a free service. I just canceled 2 reseller hosting packages here. Stay away from this provider!Thu gọn
Dennis Zaman
Dennis Zaman từ Hà Lan,

They don't value customers/ make you pay for what you don't need

hostmantis suspended my reseller hosting account because of dedicated ip addon of 2 dollar which i bought for a client, the client did not pay as maybe he/she didn't need the dedicated ip anymore but instead of un-provisioning of ...Đọc thêmthe ipv4 address they suspended my reseller account and even after raising complain they did not re activate my account rather i had to pay for a dedicated ip i don't use just for them to unsuspend my account, i have never faced such a thing my entire life.Thu gọn
Hieu Bui Trung
Hieu Bui Trung từ Việt Nam,

HostMantis' reseller hosting service is a scam

HostMantis' reseller hosting service is a scam. Their specifications look very high. In fact, all your customers must share those specifications.

For example, for the Reseller Expert package, all your customers will have to sha...Đọc thêmre 2 vCores CPU. Instead each customer has 2 vCores CPUs to use. As long as 2 customers use 100% of their account's CPU, the other customers will have no more resources to use. The CPU of the reseller hosting package will quickly be exhausted. The loading speed of websites will be very slow, even error 503.

This is completely different from what other reseller services do. Don't be fooled.
Thu gọn
Mahmud Sabuj
Mahmud Sabuj từ Bangladesh,

Worst service ever I got in my 6 years IT career.

Support is very bad. They took too long to fix a simple issue like enabling any feature in cpanel.
Service quality 2 out of 10. support is -1 out of 10.
Never go with this company by seeing huge discount and low price. Always i...Đọc thêmgnore providers who provide service in extra cheap cost.
Server speed is also very bad.
Even they closed my account without any notice or reason.
To much unprofessional.
Not recommended.
Thu gọn
This "review" is nothing more than retaliation for us not accepting your order.

When we would not accept your order, you then tried submitting another order using different name and we blocked that order as well.

For someone...Đọc thêm that claims our hosting support is "very bad" and our server speed "is also very bad", you sure seem to be trying very hard to use our service, so it's a bit difficult to take your "review" seriously.Thu gọn
Renato Gordz
Renato Gordz từ Brasil,

They don't honor coupons

The last Year my plan price was increased from $9.55 to $48.55 I questioned on a ticket and they didn't honor the price. i made a new order with a new lifetime cupom and migrated my data by myself, and this year again they increas...Đọc thêmed the price from $7.05 to $26.44. i opened a new ticket and this year they said if im not happy to leave... Don't believe in any life time coupon promoted here or any other hostmantis advertising.Thu gọn
Notifications were sent in July of 2019 detailing the promotional code changes. Due to our overall costs increasing by a large margin, it was simply no longer possible to continue supporting promotional codes that were unsustainab...Đọc thêmle.

If you disagreed with the decision and updated pricing, you could simply cancel your service prior to renewal and move to a cheaper, lower quality host willing to offer the unsustainable pricing you desire.
Thu gọn
Renato Gordz
Renato Gordz,
OK, I moved myself, i m just alerting news customers to not trust in any "life time" coupon published by HOSTMANTIS. Every year this company will create any excuses to avoid this coupon.
HostMantis made the business decision to advertise the service pricing and coupon. This is not the first nor second time HostMantis did this, you know very well what you are doing, Bait&Switch R Us.
Paul Beresford
Paul Beresford từ Úc,

Above and beyond

I have been with HostMantis for about 10 years (I think) during this time they have been amazing. I am a "nerd" I guess but when I need help they are always there. I remember one time I was at my computer and they were at their de...Đọc thêmsk (I am on the other side of the world. Australia) and the Q & A were flying back every minute or so for over an hour until my problem was fixed.

Very recently (July 2019) they went "above and beyond" expectations. If it was not for their help I would NOT have my 3 websites up and running. I find "Outside" help impossible to find, and at a Word Press meetup recently when I told others about the service from HostMantis all the others could say was "You are so lucky.. my provider would not do that and if they did it would cost hundreds of dollars)
Thu gọn
Ian Sherwell
Ian Sherwell từ Úc,

Expertise Award

I have HostMantis reseller accounts in both the Montreal, Canada and Falkenstein, Germany datacenters.
Having tried web hosting offered by many companies, in many countries, I consider HostMantis to have the best value hosting av...Đọc thêmailable anywhere.
The computer facilities are excellent, the staff competent and conscientious, and the prices low compared to other providers.
Thu gọn
Marianne R
Marianne R từ Canada,

Solids Hosting Provider

Have used Host Mantis since 2013. Very affordable and reliable hosting service. Have only had one minor blip of service in 5 years (Detroit Server). This was corrected within a few days. Pricing is amazing, I'm paying less than co...Đọc thêmst of a coffee. Every interaction with their support has been prompt and helpful. I don't want for anything feature wise.Thu gọn

Giá thành, Gói cước & Tính năng HostMantis- 2023

Các gói cước Hosting chia sẻ

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ Băng thông Bảng điều khiển Số lượng trang web Giá Điểm
Entry 2 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 2,29 US$ 2.2 Chi tiết
Starter 5 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 3,49 US$ 1.7 Chi tiết
Advanced 10 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 5,49 US$ 3.8 Chi tiết
Expert 25 GB Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 7,49 US$ 5.0 Chi tiết

Các gói VPS Hosting

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ CPU RAM Hệ điều hành Giá Điểm
Entry 25 GB 1 x 2.26GHz 1 GB 14,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết
Starter 50 GB 2 x 2.66GHz 2 GB 19,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết
Advanced 75 GB 3 x 2.26GHz 4 GB 29,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết
Expert 100 GB 2 x 2.26GHz 6 GB 49,95 US$ 3.3 Chi tiết

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  • 8
    Hoàn lại tiền 30 Ngày
    Tên miền miễn phí
    Starting Price
    1,99 US$ / mo
    23 Gói Hosting
    9 Data Centers
    Highly Affordable Plans With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Extremely User-Friendly Hostinger Panel, A Free Domain, Lifetime SSL & DDoS Protection
    Powerful Developer Tools, Custom-Built WP Optimization Stack & Litespeed Cache
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  • 0
    Hoàn lại tiền 30 Ngày
    Đánh giá của chuyên gia
    Starting Price
    0,90 US$ / mo
    21 Gói Hosting
    1 Data Centers
    Up to 80 GB Disk Space,16 TB Bandwidth
    Offer One Of The Cheapest Prices On The Market
    24/7 Customer Support Service
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  • 10
    Hoàn lại tiền 45 Ngày
    Tên miền miễn phí
    Starting Price
    2,98 US$ / mo
    12 Gói Hosting
    11 Data Centers
    24/7 Award-Winning Support
    Worry-Free - 45 Days Money Back
    Simple Website Builder With Drag And Drop, Responsive Design, And Over 350 Templates
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    Verpex Hosting
    Hoàn lại tiền 60 Ngày
    Tên miền miễn phí
    Starting Price
    0,50 US$ / mo
    17 Gói Hosting
    11 Data Centers
    SSD Cloud Servers With 99.9% Uptime
    Free Migrations, SSL and Daily Backups
    24/7 Tech Support by Hosting Experts
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