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Các đánh giá và ý kiến chuyên gia về FatCow

Phạm vi định giá

Hosting chia sẻ 4,08 US$
VPS 24,99 US$ - 99,99 US$
Máy chủ dùng riêng (Dedicated Server) 149,99 US$ - 239,99 US$

Đánh giá

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mehamood manjanoor
mehamood manjanoor từ Ấn Độ,

they are the worst hosting.

I had been using my fatcow account for almost 6 months. i had lot of customer emails, websites etc. One fine day my websites stopped working. they had blocked my account, without any prior notice. They not willing to refund me not...Đọc thêm they willing to allow me to copy my data. They are proper seamsters. I had so many emails which all lost. I had many customer visiting my website because of all hard work i done in marketing my products. All lost because of these scam people. DO not buy domain from them. they are cheat. They dont even deserve 1 rating, but i am giving because there is no other optionThu gọn
Gary Manold
Gary Manold từ Indonesia,

Cannot be worse

This my 2nd review of hosting companies and unfortunately it's for bad experience. I'm writing this while waiting FatCow support to help me. This is my 5th live chat support. And it just for the first day of purchasing.

I decid...Đọc thême to try hosting in FC after reading some seo expert articles, when usually his article is good, I have to say this one is just for affiliate money.

I had used almost 15 different hosting companies, and FC is the worse of all. Here is what I found in few hours using their service:
- Their Mojomarketplace to install wordpress is not working, and yet they still have the icon and the page to install it, resulting waste my time to figure out why it cannot be installed and turns out the support said it have issues.. *first boom*
- So I need to install Wordpress manually, ok, i have experience of this, no worries. So i use their 'file manager' to upload the, but where the hell is the 'extract' button??? resulting me to transfer all the folder using ftp. *second boom*
- Ok, the wordpress folder transferred succesfully, now I can't access the install page as usual.. so I get the live chat support again to ask why??? turns out I need to register my existing domain. Geez, usually this already automatic when register at the first time and I'm sure they have input field and I input my domain name. If it is not automatic, why bother ask?? *third boom*
- Anyway, the support manage to help me, so i can open the install page as usual. I can move on now. (that's what I think).. and yes I got stuck again in the database server name, while usually i can put as localhost or automatically generate by the system, it turns out i need to ask AGAIN to support what need to be inputted, I have to input "mydomain.fatcow.bla bla bla" which I don't get that information in anywhere. I mean, cmon man, if you know it's gonna be asked by user, please generate it automatically. so troublesome. *fourth boom*
- Ok, now I manage to have a fresh wordpress installation, its time to write some articles, install plugin, install new theme, and test my homepage. voila it works. almost... Now my post link url resulting in 404 error. As I am a FatCow experience user, now i know, go to support.. Hell yeah.. give my error, and they resolve it in about 4-5 mins. I'm curious, I ask them what the issues, it turns out they have to edit .htaccess file for my permalink codes. OHH.. MY.. GOD... Speechless...

I don't know what to expect later on. I know for sure, it is my last time purchase this hosting service. And I am happy to tell others if they ask what is the worst hosting companies. Fatcow is number 1 for me.

Thu gọn
Max Ostryzhko

Đánh giá của chuyên gia

Max Ostryzhko

FatCow: thích hợp cho trang web của doanh nghiệp nhỏ và người dùng cá nhân

FatCow cung cấp giải pháp chia sẻ host cùng rất nhiều tính năng hay. Bên cạnh các công cụ tiêu chuẩn cần thiết cho việc cài đặt và vận hành website, bạn còn được chọn template, công cụ quảng cáo điện tử, hay thậm chí là các công cụ tối ưu hóa bộ máy tìm kiếm (gọi tắt là SEO). Một điểm cộng của FatCow là công ty vận hành máy chủ hoàn toàn bằng năng lượng từ gió.

Vì sao chọn FatCow?

  • Nhiều tính năng hay với tùy chọn không giới hạn
  • Công cụ Google Webmaster
  • Công cụ quảng cáo trực tuyến tốt
  • Sử dụng năng lượng xanh

Bạn muốn biết FatCow có phù hợp với mình không?

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Giá thành, Gói cước & Tính năng FatCow- 2021

Các gói cước Hosting chia sẻ

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ Băng thông Bảng điều khiển Số lượng trang web Giá Điểm
Original Plan (everything unlimited) Không giới hạn Không giới hạn cPanel Không giới hạn 4,08 US$ 2.0 Chi tiết

Các gói VPS Hosting

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ CPU RAM Hệ điều hành Giá Điểm
Basic 40 GB 1 Nhân 1 GB 24,99 US$ 4.3 Chi tiết
Business 90 GB 2 Nhân 4 GB 59,99 US$ 4.3 Chi tiết
Optimum 120 GB 4 Nhân 8 GB 99,99 US$ 4.3 Chi tiết

Gói cước máy chủ chuyên dụng

Tên gói dịch vụ Dung lượng bộ nhớ CPU RAM Hệ điều hành Giá Điểm
Startup 500 GB 2 x 4.00GHz 4 GB 149,99 US$ 4.3 Chi tiết
Professional 1000 GB 4 x 3.00GHz 8 GB 189,99 US$ 2.0 Chi tiết
Enterprise 1000 GB 4 x 4.00GHz 16 GB 239,99 US$ 4.3 Chi tiết

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