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Lindsey Conger

Lindsey Conger



Lindsey is a freelance writer based out of Chicago who specializes in technology, business, finance, and real estate. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Dwell, and Stackstreet.
Video Sites Need Due Diligence in Crowded Web Host Space

Everyone knows video is by far the most popular and fastest growing type of media found on the internet, and the businesses which support the world wide web have made a killing on this trend. Through their sale of storage, bandwidth, and services in the immense amounts required by video hosting websites and businesses that use video, they’ve also kept up with our demand for more while also maintaining fast loading times and high resolutions. However, as it happens on the internet, any new trend quickly spawns an influx of others who want their own piece of the pie.

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10 Essential Elements For A Podcast Website

Once you have finally launched your podcast, your work isn’t over. The next thing you need to do should be to start promoting your podcast online to everyone and anyone who might be interested in tuning in and listening to your new podcast.

Creating a podcast streaming website is a great way to drive traffic. This site is where your new and regular listeners alike can tune in to your new episodes, leave comments, and learn more about you and your show.

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10 Tips For Making A Mobile Friendly Website

How important is a mobile friendly device? The answer is it is very important.

80% of the top websites, according to the Alexa rankings, have been optimized for mobile phones. Also, 80% of all internet users have smartphones and use it to browse web pages.

Since everyone seems to have their mobile phone attached to them at all times, why would you not want to take advantage of this opportunity and make your website mobile friendly?

Having a mobile friendly site means that it’s easy to read the text, click on the links, navigate through the site, and consume the content on a mobile phone.

Here are ten tips on how to make any website mobile friendly.

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